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Let me share with you the secret's behind the Twelve Habits of Highly Productive Women

 The headline figure of 40% of women on company boards and in senior positions looks good. Women are succeeding in bridging the gender gap and evidence has found companies with more women were found to outperform rivals with a 42% higher return in sales and 53% higher return on equity

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A body of research has demonstrated how the appointment of female directors can improve a company's performance.  Female directors enhance board independence.  Better decision-making is assumed to occur as a result of directors having a range of experiences and backgrounds.  

Women Instinctively Plan

A woman's whole life is about planning.  They recognise the importance of this in business too.

How and why women prioritise

Women are known doer's.  They have this natural trait and the ability to deal with 20 things at once 

How women anticipate obstacles and arrive at the solutions

Facing challenges is an every day occurrence, particularly for women.  This enables them to deal with it in a business setting, in a clear, constructive manner.

Why keystone habits important to women

A woman's mind is used to having to think for everyone.  They are usually responsible for creating positive effects in more than just one area.

"I have broken many glass ceilings - so I know it can be done"

Helen Clark

Former New Zealand Prime Minister and UNDP Administrator

Wealth of Experience

TJ arrived with us and we immediately felt secure in the knowledge she knew what she was talking about.  TJ has been an award winning businesswoman and has a wealth of experience which allowed us to develop our business and look to the future with a high level of enthusiasm.

Jane O'Reilly

Finance Director

Passion and Drive

I took a step back in 2020 and this lead me to engaging with TJ, and what a fantastic relationship it proved to be. 

TJ immediately identified all the positives about the company, areas of improvement, numerous sales opportunities and drafted a new infrastructure.  TJ also brought with her a vast network of contacts not just potential customers but also professional bodies. 

On a personal note, TJ gave me the confidence I needed, and more importantly the support for business to grow with real understanding of the industry

Working with TJ you can see the passion and drive she has.  She is an asset to any company. 

Kate Burgess

Financial Director

A Note From the Author; TJ Duncan-Moir MBE

I have always been passionate about Women in Business  and Female Business Leaders throughout my career.  Having recently received the Honour of Member of the Order of the British Empire in Her Majesty The Queens Birthday Honours 2021 for my services to Female Entrepreneurship, it has empowered me even more to help other women succeed and feel that same passion to achieve the recognition women in business deserve.  


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