TJ was asked to write for East Midlands Chamber magazine, Business News

Here’s what she had to say;

TJ Duncan-Moir, a former director at a family run manufacturer, now acts as an improvement and growth consultant to other companies as owner of Business Glu.  She explains why it pays to have a different set of eyes viewing a business from outside.


During my 30 years gathering the experience I have, by working my way through a business from bottom to most senior, I started to understand that while ‘in’ the business, you’re so busy firefighting you can only ever see and know what’s exactly in front of you.

Business leaders often get the year off to a positive start with all the things you’re going to accomplish throughout the year. Two weeks in, you’re back with your nose to the grind doing what you’ve always done, the way you’ve always done it.

Its so easy to become operationally blind.  Getting a new pair of eyes, which don’t get distracted by other urgent tasks, to help is a real gamechanger – and a skilful way of becoming unstuck while bringing new excitement to your team.

Understanding this position has made me passionate about helping others to achieve results they didn’t think possible and creating awareness of how beneficial outside help can be to a company.



Businesses rarely recognise when change is necessary because getting the work out the door is a challenge in itself.  Engaging with an external specialist, with their own set of skills, knowledge and experience, can open new doors – while bringing new an innovative ideas to the table that internal members probably wouldn’t have been able to see on their own.

Many challenges faced are often put off for another day.  But having someone plan with you – prompting you to achieve your objections, using the correct tools in a controlled way and working with you to keep everything on track – quickly realises a return on your investment.

Clients eyes are opened to new plans, opportunities, products, markets and processes, all while the business continues.  Nobody is taken away from their  day job, morale is boosted and the change that worries leaders will not be rejected.  It becomes the norm as the team feels part of the improvements and a sense of achievement is enjoyed across the organisation.



Reviewing departments, processes and areas of the business that don’t usually get considered can be rewarded with huge cost savings.  Clients benefit from an objective, unbiased evaluation that drives them forward and has a positive impact on their bottom line.

This is driven without involvement in office politics or making savings on employees costs, and the only objective for the external specialist is the continuity plans of the business and its success.

The management team is relieved of the pains faced with running a company.  It has the confidence that someone has their back and has learned new skills it can continue to use long after the external involvement has left the building.