About me

I have a roll-your-sleeves-up-and-get-on-with-it approach to work, business and life in general. It’s served me well as a longstanding Director of a market-leading manufacturing company and now the founder of my own successful business growth consultancy. It’s helped me win a few business awards and I’d like to think it’s a reason why the BBC and other media keep asking to interview me. But, most importantly, it’s shaped me as a person, a mum to two gorgeous girls, a wife and a keeper of a menagerie of animals.
I’ve fallen down (usually thrown from horses), got up, masterminded and implemented growth plans, kept going when others were full of doubt, nurtured teams from the shopfloor to the boardroom, kept asking questions and have never taken no for an answer. This has been a 30-year distillation process that makes me very proud to say that I’m TJ, and I’m the founder of Business Glu.


The biggest step forward any organisation can make is recognising that they need to do something different to change, improve or grow. And that’s where Business Glu comes in because we have all the tools to guide, support, coach or mentor any business that is serious about taking action to do something differently.
It starts with exercises that are focused on helping you to see the wood for the trees, which, in turn, become action plans that are SMART objectives. And to achieve these, we can draw on a network of specialists in areas such as marketing, recruitment, HR, law, research & development, graphic design, insurance, finance, accountancy, banking, asset finance, PR and coaching.

Case Studies


One of the first questions we ask is “what will success look like?” Is it improved sales performance, greater productivity, leaner costs, new customers, happier staff or simply putting your business on the map? The answers will enable us to start our process with the end firmly in mind.

One of our most pleasing results was helping a fabrication company to put a structure in place to follow up quotes for projects. Within a couple of weeks of this simple but effective process, it resulted in securing a project worth £440,000. And, two more orders followed quickly from a giant online retailer with a value in excess of £1m. These are the kinds of results that make us glad we do what we do.

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